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BE Offices is our primary brand and is one of the leading providers of flexible workspace in the UK. Our multi-award winning serviced office space is the perfect solution for SMEs and large companies looking for flexibility, great customer service and first-class technology with a unique all-inclusive package.

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BE Offices' intranet, The Lounge, was designed to help drive efficiency, productivity and innovation by encouraging employees to share information and discuss business problems in an open, shared setting.


“Our intranet has changed the way we work!

It's an awesome place to visit (even on a weekend) for everything from entertainment to company procedures. We are kept up to date with the latest gossip and feel part of a much bigger team. It's often a talking point in the office. Games, quizzes and other opportunities are on the Intranet to win points, which are later cashed in for vouchers. It's a great tool that makes our policies and procedures easily accessible to all. Regular alerts are received by email and it’s also saved a lot of paper work which helps to make us a greener company.”

L Raschka, Centre Manager

“When I started at Business Environment, over 5 years ago, we did not have an Intranet so I have seen it grow from scratch to what it is today. None of my previous employers had a tool for internal communications as effective and engaging as the Intranet that we now have at BE. It is an efficient way to get messages out to the entire staff, to disseminate documents, maintain telephone directories, make people aware of company policy as well as update everyone on company news and events. It’s also a very social and interactive Intranet with games, puzzles, quizzes as well as social updates and messaging services akin to Facebook, which encourages employees to log in regularly.

The intranet continues to grow and change and is constantly updated so I’m very much looking forward to see how it will progress in future.”

L Mitchell, Finance Manager

“Since the time of our intranet launch, the value it has added to the way in which the company operates is immeasurable. It provides a wealth of material which is immediately accessible, and convenient to navigate. The appointment of a dedicated Intranet Manager means that it is constantly kept up to date with new and engaging material uploaded on a daily basis. On a personal level, not only does it provide a platform for me to effectively communicate information throughout the company, it has also been developed as a social platform to share best practices, play games and interact with offsite and remote employees that I don’t have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis.

I consider it a valuable asset to the company and one which benefits everyone.”

V Shelley, Health and Safety Manager

“What can I say about the company intranet provided for Business Environment other than it is brilliant!

You really can see the time, effort and dedication that has gone into putting every aspect of this website together. Not only is it very helpful for anything work related, it is also fun and informative.

I think it’s great that we have something like The Lounge, as it brings a company with employees who might have never met each other before because of being based in different centres closer together. By having profile pages we can find out about our colleagues and have insight into them as a person as well as what they do for the company, which is great!

I have never had a problem using The Lounge and find it to be very topical and entertaining as well as great for finding any work forms I might need and basically information on pretty much anything that I might need during the working day.”

J Armitage, Assistant Manager