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The digital workplace

What is a digital workplace?

  • Writer's pictureJo Vass

Looking after YOU in a pandemic

OK, we’re now in isolation. We’re working from home. We have the right equipment, the right tools, we’ve converted the spare room, or perhaps the dining room. We’re connected, we’re collaborating, we’re communicating with each other. Everything is going great, right?

What sounded like a good plan, is now showing its flaws. Reality has sunk in, and now? We’re bored. The kids are bored. The pets are causing havoc. We’re overcompensating to prove we can work from home and still be productive… We’re lonely.

There are may reasons why home working isn’t for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list to help see you through this latest pandemic!

Stay connected.

We’re not talking about checking in with your manager, or your team every hour. We mean, stay connected to your colleagues. Your work friends. The people you’ve spent the past few years saying hi to every working day. Jason in accounts who you wave to on your way in. Sian in Communications who somehow always beats you to that last packet of Cadbury’s buttons from the vending machine. Louise, the company PA, who’s always there with a friendly smile when you need to vent.

These are the healthy relationships we’ve built and have become part of our daily routine. With tools like Microsoft Teams, we can stay in touch.

Be engaged.

Do you know what’s happening in Sales? Are there any team changes in Operations? How is the company fairing during these uncertain times? If you have a company intranet, then stay tuned for the latest news. Ask questions. Have your say.

Add the personal touch.

Is anything going on in your life you’d like to share? Have you recently adopted a puppy? Has Jamie in Human Resources become engaged? Is Tom from Maintenance safely back from his trip to France? We may not be in the office, but we want to know how you are! We’re interested, and keeping these conversations going, and promoting them to others using tools like Microsoft Teams, or perhaps a social page on your intranet will keep people in the loop.


Do you need help? Or could your expertise help others? Perhaps you could write a blog to show others how you’re finding home working, or where issues may have arisen to help others if the same issues occur for them. Perhaps do a vlog? A day in the life of a home working receptionist. Perhaps show your office set up, and how your role has adapted to using call diversion and Outlook emails/Microsoft Teams for communication.

What about me?

Remember, during all of this, you are the most important part. Without you, work wouldn’t happen. Without you, companies would struggle. The part you are playing is helping the business to stay productive. So, make sure you give time for you. Mental health is a huge worry with pandemic uncertainty, causing stress and anxiety. With boredom creeping in. Stress over cancelled schools and nurseries. Kids playing up when you need to take a work call… Loneliness. So look after you.

Take breaks. Play with the dog. Colour in a picture with the kids. Bake some cookies while you finish that report. Start a jigsaw puzzle, or finish that sudoku. Make sure you stick to those working hours – no more! You may not be travelling to the office now, but there are many other factors to consider. So, keep to your weekly hours where possible. Structure your day, so you know what you’re planning to do in the morning, afternoon and when to reach out to your team and colleagues. Make sure you have access to all the files you need, that email is connected, and your digital workplace is ready before you begin.

Now, put the kettle on, put your feet up, and relax for 5 minutes. This time is for you.

What's next?

If you need any help setting up a digital workplace, then drop us an email at We can answer any questions you may have, then look at booking in a call, or online meeting to get the ball rolling.

Let's keep you connected. Let's get digital.

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